What you should know about Lemonade Day Detroit’s big plans in 2013

Have you ever wondered how entrepreneurs are made? We at Lemonade Day Detroit believe that it starts with our child’s first lemonade stand, and the first dollar made. With two successful years of Lemonade Day under our belt, we are researching opportunities to bring Lemonade Day to more Michigan communities. Caring adults, sponsors, strategic partners and volunteers play a crucial part in making sure Lemonade Day Detroit is successful. This is how you can get involved today.

Caring Adults:
Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, program leader or any adult working with youth who wants your child or children to be a part of Lemonade Day, please visit our Lemonade Day Detroit Facebook page. Post your questions or comments and we, along with our awesome Facebook community, will address all your needs!

Business interested in sponsoring Lemonade Day:
Sponsors underwrite expenses or make in-kind donations to help us bring Lemonade Day to our youth. Thanks to our 2012 sponsors, almost 5,000 children across Metro Detroit learned the basics of business and essential money management skills, and how to translate those lessons into “how to earn a living.”  Sponsorship dollars are used to provide each participating child with a backpack stuffed with educational workbooks and tools for our young entrepreneurs and to cover the cost of events like our community workshop, a free, drop-in event to help caring adults and children learn age-appropriate “business strategies” to help them prepare for the big day. If you’re interested in sponsoring Lemonade Day, email us at lemonadedaydetroit@gmail.com

Nonprofits interested in becoming a Strategic Partner:
Strategic partners help us connect with area youth. These partners are youth-focused organizations, such as community centers, activity groups and schools and any organization that shares our passion for preparing children for the future.  Our strategic partners help us introduce Lemonade Day to their members and participants, help mentor the kids who participate and help get Lemonade Day materials to the kids. If you are a potential sponsor or strategic partner who would like to learn about how to bring Lemonade Day to your town, email us at lemonadedaydetroit@gmail.com.

From helping spread the word about Lemonade Day, to helping stuff backpacks, to staffing registration events, to mentoring a child or group of kids volunteers help make Lemonade Day a success.  If you’re interested in volunteering, contact us through Lemonade Day Detroit Facebook page or email us at lemonadedaydetroit@gmail.com

Didn’t find answer to your question here? Feel free to leave us a comment or reach out through email.





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Lemonade Day Detroit’s young entrepreneurs nearly double in numbers

… And we’ve got your winners right here!

Alexis Roberts ran our second-most profitable stand!

The second year of Lemonade Day Detroit is now under our belt and we couldn’t have done it without your help! Through hard work and dedication, our “lemonaders” earned an estimated profit of $936,000. Among the participants were an organization for plus-sized girls, an industrious youngster who with her siblings partnered with a local grocery store and another young entrepreneur who donated all her profits to a local dog rescue. These young business owners were honored during Lemonade Day Detroit Awards Celebration August 8 at Huntington Bank.

“We’re thrilled to announce we almost doubled our participants over last year, from 2,600 in 2011 to 4,900 young business owners June 9,” said Mike Fezzey, President of Huntington’s Southeastern Michigan Region, Lemonade Day Detroit’s presenting sponsor. “These proprietors had siblings, friends, and the caring adults who supported them in their business ventures. From these participants to our sponsors and community partners, it was truly a community-wide effort for and by our kids.”

One of the key messages for the young business owners is the concept of financial management and supporting their community. They are encouraged to “spend a little, save a little and share a little.” Based on the data collected, the children gave about $230,000 to charities of their choice.

Huntington Bank handed out a number of prizes to our inspired entrepreneurs ages 4 to 17 who manned stands throughout Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties.  And we happened to catch a video of one of the winners! Here’s what he had to say:

Top Sellers

These three lemonade stands were the top money makers, based on the results submissions, tabulated by Lemonade Day’s national office:

Pat Wiley of LDD Strategic Partner Inform Yourself (third from left) and Mike Fezzey from presenting sponsor Huntington Bank (right) saluted the Girls of Full and Fabulous, who with the rest of their team operated our most-profitable stand: Paris Tankersley, Jaida Blanchard, Victoria Spencer, Shannon Harris and Bri’Shai Tankersley.

 First Place – Suite at a Pistons Game at the Palace

  • Full n Fabulous, a Detroit-based organization for plus-sized girls.
  • $943 profit
  • They donated all their profits to the National Association of Full-Figured Teens.
  • Proprietors:
  •  Jaida Blanchard
  •  Kymberlynn Griggs
  • Shannon Harris
  • Keyane Fuligam
  • Diaviont Walker
  • Armanie Smith
  • Makalia Jones
  • Renetta Jones
  • Cheyanne Lloyd
  • Maya Perkins
  • Ricki Porter
  • Danyelle Sandersan
  • Victoria Spencer
  • Kashelle Willis
  • Love Jones
  • Bri’Shai Tankersley
  • Paris Tankersley
  • Latasha Walker
  • Serenity Williams

Second Place – $100 gift card

  • Alexis, Jada and Sasha Roberts of Northville
  • $705 profit
  • They donated a portion of her earnings to the Greg K. Monroe Foundation.

Third Place – $75 gift card                                                                              

  • Lacey Jade McKee, Jazmin and Jakob Blanks of Clawson
  • $635 profit
  • Lacey donated all her profits to Home FurEver Rescue

 Best Stand

Lemonaders posted pictures of their stands on the Lemonade Day Detroit Facebook page for the Best Stand contest. The public voted for their favorites by liking the photos, and the winners are:

Pat and Mike with Makayla Effinger and Marcia Lyons, who were voted Best Stand by our Facebook visitors.

First Place – Four box seats at a Detroit Tigers game

  • Makayla Effinger and Marcia Lyons
  • From Detroit
  • 948 Votes

 Second Place – $100 gift card

  • Khymaya Ayanna Perkins and Darren Keith Perkins II
  • From Troy
  • 806 Votes

 Third Place – $75 gift card

  • Lacey Jade, Jazmin and Jakob McKee
  • From Clawson
  • 330 Votes

The grand finale was the announcement of the winner of a trip to Disney World for four, also sponsored by Art Van Furniture. To be eligible, Lemonade Day Detroit participants had to submit the results form online or via regular mail. The winner was Mitchell Abrams of Detroit.

 All prizes were donated by Huntington Bank. Lemonade Day Detroit salutes its sponsors and for their efforts in making Lemonade Day Detroit 2012 a success:

                Huntington Bank

                Art Van Furniture

                Charity Motors


                Ilitch Holdings


                Quicken Loans

                Verizon Foundation

                JR Turnbull Communications

                The Yaffe Group

Twenty-eight Strategic Partners assisted Lemonade Day Detroit by introducing the concept to their children via their members, participants and communities in 2012. That’s more than twice the number of local non-profit organizations that joined the 2011 effort.

To sign up or learn about ways that everyone can get involved in Lemonade Day Detroit 2013, please visit detroit.lemonadeday.org  or visit the Lemonade Day Detroit Facebook page. For information about sponsorships, partnerships or donations, please contact Elyse Ruen at 248-953-8123 or eruen@jrturnbull.com.

We’ll see you next year!

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The Metro Detroit Media Has Been Telling Your Stories

We’re very grateful for the terrific local media support of Lemonade Day Detroit! We’ve captured a few links and photos here. Check them out! See anyone you know?

The Northville Record featured Alexis Roberts of Northville and her family:

L-r: Jimmy Roberts holding Sasha Roberts, Lemonade Day Detroit Stand Proprietor Alexis Roberts, 9; Busch’s Plymouth/Northville Manager Gary Winters, and Jada Roberts in front of Alicia Roberts.

Rebecca (left) and Karalyn Amison of Wyandotte were in the Downriver Sunday Times.


Jacob Trask with brother Joshua, mom Nikki and dad Jason of New Baltimore were on WXYZ.

The kids from Grandad’s Lemonade were at Eastern Market and were interviewed by WWJ.

Front, l-r: Charles Williams, MariAye Brown and Demyah Smith. Second row, l-r: Chantel Chambers, Tia Washington, J’Kyla Smith, D’onna Dandridge and Javonne Chambers.

We appreciate these young entrepreneurs and their caring adults sharing their stories with the local reporters out and about.

By the way, it’s not too late to turn in your results! It’s critical for us to have accurate numbers to announce at the awards/results event August 8. Please fill out our online form. It will just take a couple minutes. Click here: http://results.lemonadeday.org/

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Highlights from Lemonade Day Detroit 2012

Boy, it’s been hot! Would you rather have had Lemonade Day Detroit when it’s 93 or 83? We think the day we had was super. We’re still crunching numbers, and it’s not too late to turn in your results! Please fill out our online form. It will just take a couple minutes. Click here: http://results.lemonadeday.org/

We’ll make our official announcements of our participation and our contest winners at an event August 8. We’ll keep you posted here and on Facebook and Twitter.

Meanwhile, we’re happy to present here entrepreneurs of three stands from June 9. These kids all had different locations, different products and experiences. The beauty of Lemonade Day is that all these children look like they’re having a great time!

Jeremiah was in Royal Oak. He had it made in the shade, and is planning to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society:

These girl scouts set up in Detroit. They are committed to the humane society. Animals in need were a popular theme …

… as you’ll see from Lacey’s Stand, which was in Clawson. These thoughtful kids even made an informational poster to help customers see the dogs they were helping.

What was your experience? Please share with us!

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Lemonade Day Detroit: Tips from Pros

Lemonade Day Detroit is just around the corner! On June 9th Metro Detroit children will be one step closer to become full-fledged entrepreneurs. To keep their skills sharp and excitement levels high, we’re putting out more video tips from the workshop!

Pro Tip: Having the right game plan
The first tip comes from Huntington Bank’s Bryan Kieler, who talks about the importance of having a game plan for your stand.

Pro Tip: Lemonade Day Detroit Recipes
The second tip comes from Paul from SIFE. SIFE is Students in Free Enterprise. The UofM Dearborn chapter is in its second year of supporting Lemonade Day Detroit. Here, Paul shares some lemonade-making tips

Pro Tip: Discovering your unique talent
This video showcases how creativity can be used to create a sign for your lemonade stand. Because of the noise of all the excited young entrepreneurs, it’s a little hard to hear at the beginning, but well worth a watch. Questions you’ll want to consider include: what makes your child stand out? Are they good with money?  Are they good at selling – able to talk anyone into buying anything? Do they have a creative spark for coming up with stand design, intriguing recipes, marketing ideas or pricing strategy? Each child is unique and Lemonade Day Detroit is a great platform to let these talents shine!



What tips do you have for Lemonade Day Detroit entrepreneurs?

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Let Technology Groom Our Future Business Professionals

Today’s guest post comes from Michelle Gilbert of Verizon. We’re very grateful for the Verizon Foundation’s support of Lemonade Day Detroit, and we especially love the connection between our theme, and the theme of Verizon’s ad campaign saluting young entrepreneurs!

We live in such a technology-centric world that it’s not uncommon to see people of all ages and in all industries using tech for business and educational purposes. A growing trend is for school districts to put devices in the classroom to enable mobile learning. Think of how different your career may be today if you had the benefit of using technology at such a ripe young age.

As you can see in the video below, tablets and mobile devices can help young and budding entrepreneurs, like Susie, be successful and run their business smoothly.

Sure, it’s a commercial, but young entrepreneurs and business professionals all across the world are finding new and innovative ways every day to work smarter and more efficiently with technology.

Just as Lemonade Day encourages youth to embrace entrepreneurship, we should be empowering youth to learn about everything they can do with the power of smartphones and tablets that can help pave the path toward a successful career – and that does not include texting or playing video games!

I’m sure Metro Detroit residents Anthony Montalbano and Ryan Schram will agree that getting comfortable with using technology at an early age can lead to great opportunities when it’s time for kids to enter the workforce. They both rely heavily on technology in their personal lives, but have also found ways to use technology to work smarter.

Anthony relies on his HTC ThunderBolt’s mobile hotspot to access music services on the Web from his laptop while he’s DJing at events, which is a side business for him. Anthony’s smartphone is his business sidekick and helps him be more effective when providing DJ services at events.

As the chief marketing officer for social media sponsorship company IZEA, Ryan moves at the speed of “tweet” and simply can’t afford to be disconnected. Ryan and his team have incorporated Jetpack MiFis into their business operations because the devices keep them connected at conferences and events where successfully showing their product portfolio to clients and influencers is critical.

So, as parents, how can you get kids using smartphones and tablets for purposes other than texting, playing games and posting on Facebook? There are some great educational apps for kids in the iTunes store, as well as several Android educational and finance apps on Google Play. I’ve used my tablet as a way to bond with my daughter, Ashley, because we use apps to help her with math and other homework. I fully intend on showing Ashley how technology can continue helping her through school and as she embarks on her professional career.

Do you support using technology to groom our future workforce?




Michelle Gilbert is part of the Verizon Wireless Midwest PR team and handles PR for the company in Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky. Connect with her on Twitter – @VZWmichelle


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Faces of Lemonade Day Detroit: Young Entrepreneurs

The coolest part of attending Lemonade Day Detroit events is mingling with young entrepreneurs. That was the case during our workshop on April 28 and we were ready with our flipcam to capture the enthusiasm. One of this year’s entrepreneurs at the event was Stephanie. She agreed to an interview and handled the questions like a pro. Stephanie is donating her profits to a great cause, her Girl Scout Troop! Overflowing with excitement she approached us at the end of the event and asked when the videos would be ready. Well Stephanie, didn’t get just a video, you got this blog post, too! Give us a shout if you catch this!

If you want to tell YOUR Lemonade Day Detroit story, enter THIS contest. Let us know you entered on our Facebook page, we’ll be sure to share it! Deadline is June 16th!

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