Let Technology Groom Our Future Business Professionals

Today’s guest post comes from Michelle Gilbert of Verizon. We’re very grateful for the Verizon Foundation’s support of Lemonade Day Detroit, and we especially love the connection between our theme, and the theme of Verizon’s ad campaign saluting young entrepreneurs!

We live in such a technology-centric world that it’s not uncommon to see people of all ages and in all industries using tech for business and educational purposes. A growing trend is for school districts to put devices in the classroom to enable mobile learning. Think of how different your career may be today if you had the benefit of using technology at such a ripe young age.

As you can see in the video below, tablets and mobile devices can help young and budding entrepreneurs, like Susie, be successful and run their business smoothly.

Sure, it’s a commercial, but young entrepreneurs and business professionals all across the world are finding new and innovative ways every day to work smarter and more efficiently with technology.

Just as Lemonade Day encourages youth to embrace entrepreneurship, we should be empowering youth to learn about everything they can do with the power of smartphones and tablets that can help pave the path toward a successful career – and that does not include texting or playing video games!

I’m sure Metro Detroit residents Anthony Montalbano and Ryan Schram will agree that getting comfortable with using technology at an early age can lead to great opportunities when it’s time for kids to enter the workforce. They both rely heavily on technology in their personal lives, but have also found ways to use technology to work smarter.

Anthony relies on his HTC ThunderBolt’s mobile hotspot to access music services on the Web from his laptop while he’s DJing at events, which is a side business for him. Anthony’s smartphone is his business sidekick and helps him be more effective when providing DJ services at events.

As the chief marketing officer for social media sponsorship company IZEA, Ryan moves at the speed of “tweet” and simply can’t afford to be disconnected. Ryan and his team have incorporated Jetpack MiFis into their business operations because the devices keep them connected at conferences and events where successfully showing their product portfolio to clients and influencers is critical.

So, as parents, how can you get kids using smartphones and tablets for purposes other than texting, playing games and posting on Facebook? There are some great educational apps for kids in the iTunes store, as well as several Android educational and finance apps on Google Play. I’ve used my tablet as a way to bond with my daughter, Ashley, because we use apps to help her with math and other homework. I fully intend on showing Ashley how technology can continue helping her through school and as she embarks on her professional career.

Do you support using technology to groom our future workforce?




Michelle Gilbert is part of the Verizon Wireless Midwest PR team and handles PR for the company in Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky. Connect with her on Twitter – @VZWmichelle



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