Lemonade Day Detroit: Tips from Pros

Lemonade Day Detroit is just around the corner! On June 9th Metro Detroit children will be one step closer to become full-fledged entrepreneurs. To keep their skills sharp and excitement levels high, we’re putting out more video tips from the workshop!

Pro Tip: Having the right game plan
The first tip comes from Huntington Bank’s Bryan Kieler, who talks about the importance of having a game plan for your stand.

Pro Tip: Lemonade Day Detroit Recipes
The second tip comes from Paul from SIFE. SIFE is Students in Free Enterprise. The UofM Dearborn chapter is in its second year of supporting Lemonade Day Detroit. Here, Paul shares some lemonade-making tips

Pro Tip: Discovering your unique talent
This video showcases how creativity can be used to create a sign for your lemonade stand. Because of the noise of all the excited young entrepreneurs, it’s a little hard to hear at the beginning, but well worth a watch. Questions you’ll want to consider include: what makes your child stand out? Are they good with money?  Are they good at selling – able to talk anyone into buying anything? Do they have a creative spark for coming up with stand design, intriguing recipes, marketing ideas or pricing strategy? Each child is unique and Lemonade Day Detroit is a great platform to let these talents shine!



What tips do you have for Lemonade Day Detroit entrepreneurs?


About Lemonade Day Detroit

Introducing kids to entrepreneurship through free, fun, experiential learning.
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One Response to Lemonade Day Detroit: Tips from Pros

  1. Diana Sikes says:

    We’re so excited for Lemonade Day Detroit – 2012 edition! From all of us at Art Van, good luck kids – and enjoy the day! We’re looking forward to delicious drinks and spectacular stands all over town – including inside our stores. Enjoy 🙂

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