What you should know about Lemonade Day Detroit’s big plans in 2013

Have you ever wondered how entrepreneurs are made? We at Lemonade Day Detroit believe that it starts with our child’s first lemonade stand, and the first dollar made. With two successful years of Lemonade Day under our belt, we are researching opportunities to bring Lemonade Day to more Michigan communities. Caring adults, sponsors, strategic partners and volunteers play a crucial part in making sure Lemonade Day Detroit is successful. This is how you can get involved today.

Caring Adults:
Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, program leader or any adult working with youth who wants your child or children to be a part of Lemonade Day, please visit our Lemonade Day Detroit Facebook page. Post your questions or comments and we, along with our awesome Facebook community, will address all your needs!

Business interested in sponsoring Lemonade Day:
Sponsors underwrite expenses or make in-kind donations to help us bring Lemonade Day to our youth. Thanks to our 2012 sponsors, almost 5,000 children across Metro Detroit learned the basics of business and essential money management skills, and how to translate those lessons into “how to earn a living.”  Sponsorship dollars are used to provide each participating child with a backpack stuffed with educational workbooks and tools for our young entrepreneurs and to cover the cost of events like our community workshop, a free, drop-in event to help caring adults and children learn age-appropriate “business strategies” to help them prepare for the big day. If you’re interested in sponsoring Lemonade Day, email us at lemonadedaydetroit@gmail.com

Nonprofits interested in becoming a Strategic Partner:
Strategic partners help us connect with area youth. These partners are youth-focused organizations, such as community centers, activity groups and schools and any organization that shares our passion for preparing children for the future.  Our strategic partners help us introduce Lemonade Day to their members and participants, help mentor the kids who participate and help get Lemonade Day materials to the kids. If you are a potential sponsor or strategic partner who would like to learn about how to bring Lemonade Day to your town, email us at lemonadedaydetroit@gmail.com.

From helping spread the word about Lemonade Day, to helping stuff backpacks, to staffing registration events, to mentoring a child or group of kids volunteers help make Lemonade Day a success.  If you’re interested in volunteering, contact us through Lemonade Day Detroit Facebook page or email us at lemonadedaydetroit@gmail.com

Didn’t find answer to your question here? Feel free to leave us a comment or reach out through email.






About Lemonade Day Detroit

Introducing kids to entrepreneurship through free, fun, experiential learning.
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